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By Innovative Painting
Monochrome is the hottest trend this season, and we thought we would celebrate, by devoting our next blog  to Monochrome. We have chosen the classic Black and White combination as our Monochrome palette, as Black and White is not only the chosen colour for this season, but the contrast of the two colours is contemporary and clean, without leaving your desired space feeling 'clinical'. Our tip for when decorating; Keep your Key pieces: (Your chosen Furniture, Walls and Ceilings) simple and streamlined, but don't be afraid to clash and layer different graphics on cushions, vases and throws: Just ensure they are all black and/or white! For a major statement, invest in a Large Statement Black and White Artwork or Photo, and have it matted and framed with a larger frame.
Please enjoy our Ode to Monochrome by browsing through some of our finds in various Department and Online Stores... 
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Ecoya Vanilla Bean Metro Jar Candle: $29.95

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Chevron Vase: $35.95
Milford Throw Rug: $129.99

Black and White Prints: $52.82 each 
FILLSTA Pendant Lamp: $39.99
Habitat Oscar QB Quilt Cover: $139.95
Peace Cushion: $74.95
<![CDATA[How to Paint a Chevron Wall]]>Mon, 03 Jun 2013 07:27:36 GMThttp://www.innovativepainting.com.au/our-blog/how-to-paint-a-chevron-wallHow to Create a Chevron Wall
By Innovative Painting
Welcome to our first blog! We are very excited to be sharing some great tricks of the trade, as well as Home and Decorating Ideas, and various things that inspire Innovative Painting to continue to do amazing work. 

Our First Blog is How to Paint a Chevron Wall. Given Monochrome and Graphic Lines are very popular this season in the fashion world, Chevron Walls have quickly become the hottest trend at the moment, not only for that uber chic boutique that you can't afford anything in, but businesses, and residential homes (particularly nurseries). 

Chevron Walls are a great, inexpensive way to transform the look of your selected space. The bold lines and contrast of the two colours (especially if you choose a white shade as one of your colours) will guarantee an impact to be left on your chosen space.  

What you will need

  • Good Quality Masking Tape ( We suggest 3M Edge Lock 25mm)
  • Straight Edge 
  • Chalk
  • Tape Measure
  • Small Roller
  • Medium Paint Brush 

For Shade selection, we suggest two colours that contrast well against each other, without taking away from the Chevron design itself. If opting for Brighter shades, only choose one Bright shade, and contrast with a neutral colour. If you like the shade you current space is now, simply choose a shade that works well against it. 

For Paint selection, you may choose any type of paint you like and what suits your budget. We suggest Dulux Paints and Matte Paint. Matte Finishes not only look great, but hide imperfections such as small wall cracks and bumps, and can be easily touched up. 

Step One: Chalk a Grid

Use the tape measure to mark out every 500mm left to right, across the top, bottom, and edges of the wall, then use the straight edge and meet the lines with the chalk, creating first vertical lines across your wall, then followed by horizontal lines to form the grid.

Step Two: Lay Your Tape

The next step is the use your tape and mark your chevrons. We recommend laying down the tape with a heavy hand (push down as you're taping), and be sure to make your corners overlap so you can easily trim the excess in the next step.  Have the left side of the chevron to be 'above' the grid mark, and the right side be 'below' the grid mark to make your Chevrons look a little taller than they are were wide. What that means is that the intersections of the tape lines (the peaks or valleys of the chevron) were above (peak) or below (valley) the grid marks. 

Step Three: Trim your Corners

The next step is to use a stanley knife and trim the peaks/valleys that will be part of your chevron. To help you remember, put tape in the chevron that you are not going to paint, and so you are also reminded which corners you needed to trim. 

Step Four: Paint over Lines with Base Colour

This step is a little confusing and makes no sense until it's explained. Paint the chevron that will eventually be your accent colour. But paint it with your base colour. You don't have to paint the whole chevron, just use a paint brush and paint over the tape where the tape meets the wall. The base colour will "seap" into the tape where you didn't get a perfect straight line. 

Step Five: Paint Accent Colour

After letting the base colour dry, paint your accent colour in the chevron. You may require a second coat, it just depends on the colour you have chosen for your Accent.

The next part is very important: peel off the tape while your accent colour is still wet. If you wait until it's dry, you're going to have a very hard time peeling off the tape as it will be literally painted to the wall. But if you pull the tape off while the accent paint is wet, you will notice that it comes right off! Be careful that you're pulling the tape so that your tension will "cut" the line straight (ie: don't pull "down" or "up" on your wall, try to pull perpendicular to the wall). 

Then, wait about 4 hours for the paint to dry and wipe off your chalk with a clean wet cloth.

Some Examples of Completed Chevron Walls: